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E40 30W LED Street Light

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Product Abstract:

As one of the earliest China LED Street Light Manufacturers, we supply E40 30W LED Street Light with on ultraviolet light , no infrared rays, no heat & no radiation produced.

Product Description

E40 30W Led Street Light

Main Features
•Super energy-saving, high luminous efficiency with low working power.

•Estimatated lifespan: >50, 000 hours

•Solve 4 difficulties for LED packaging, heat sinking, operational lifespan, luminous efficiency

•Pure white color/ Warm white color, high CRI with great directionality. 

•No light pollution.

•Model : NSRL-001
•Certificates : UL Pending, CE, RoHS
•International Protection : IP60
•Beam Angle :
H(Horizontal) : 150° ; V(Vertical) : 65°
•CRI : >75
•Color Temperature (Tj=70℃,Ta=25℃) : 2700 ~ 6700K
•Frequency Range : 50Hz ~ 60Hz
•Luminous Flux : 2320Lm
•Luminous Effciency : 93%

•Working Humidity : 60%
•Working Temperature : -22 ~ -40°F / -30 ~ -40℃
•Input Voltage :
•Power Comsumption : 30W
•Power Supply Comsumption : 5W
•Rated Wattage : 35 W
•Power Efficiency/Output Efficiency : 83%
•Power Factor/ PF : >95%

•Life Span : >50,000 Hours
•Warranty : 12 Months
•Dimentions : 90*275
•Net.Weight : 1.0KG


E40 30W LED Street Light is very suitable to apply in places like primary ,secondary roads, bridges, squares, parks, factories, residential and more .

The relevant product parameters:


Product Name NSRL-E40-28W-28 NSRL-E40-30W-30 NSRL-470-50W-1
Wattage E40-28W E40-30W 470-50W
Beam Angle 120° 150°
Light Source/Count 28pcs BridgeLux LED  30pcs BridgeLux LED 1pc 50W Epivalley LED
Lamp Base E40 E39 E27 E26 E40 E39 2 PIN wires
Power consumption 31W ±5% 34W ±5% 58W ±5%
Luminous flux 2200lm ±10% 2500lm ±10% 4000lm ±10%
Color Temperature Standard Cool white: 5500~6700K
Natural white: 4000~5000K
Warm white: 2700~3500K
Input voltage 85-265VAC 85-265VAC,277VAC 85-265VAC
LED Emitter Life 50,000 hours 
Replacement   HPS 75W HPS 90W HPS 150W 
Application Outdoor using, such as tunnels,road,squares,buildings, parks,etc.. 
Size Dia 90mm * 275mm Dia 105mm * 275mm 470mm * 250mm * 90mm
Operating temperature  -40~45℃


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