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E40 80W LED Street Light

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Product Abstract:

E40 80W LED Street Light,80% more energy savings compared with conventional street light

Product Description

E40 80W LED Street Light


Main Features
•Energy saving, replace the of conventional CFL, HPS and LPS bulb.
•Pure white color/warm white color, high CRI with great directionality .
•No warm-up or cold start problems.
•Solve 4 difficulties for LED packaging, heat sinking, operational lifespan and luminous efficiency.
•Special surface design with arc, make sure the radiation diameter on the ground is accord with the standards for street lighting(Height=6 m ) ≥ 13 lux(Equal to HPS 33 lux).

•Base : E40
•Certificates : UL Pending, CE, RoHS 
•International Protection : IP60
•CRI : >75
•Frequency Range : 47Hz ~ 63Hz
•Luminous Flux : 6400Lm
•Luminous Effciency : 93% 

•Working Temperature : -22 ~ -40°F / -30 ~ -40℃
•Input Voltage : 100-240VAC 
•Power Comsumption : 80W
•Power Efficiency/Output Efficiency : 83%
•Power Factor/ PF : >95%

•Life Span : >50,000 Hours 
Warranty : 24 Months 
•Dimentions :  90 × 275mm


80W LED Street Bulb  is very suitable to apply in places like:
Roadway Lighting, Pathway Lighting, Sidewalk Lighting, Parking Lot Lighting, Ramp Lighting, Private Road Lighting, Jogging and Bike Path Lighting, Perimeter Security Lighting, Farm & Ranch Lighting, Wildlife Area Lighting, Park Lighting, Courtyard Lighting, Campus Lighting, Boat Dock Lighting, Remote Area Lighting, Military Base Lighting, etc.

For more information, please download E40 80W specification.



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