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Founded in 2004, we specialise in application of LED light technology for indoor-outdoor development and manufacture for illumination, such as LED street lights, LED warehouse lights, LED high bay lights, LED Corn Bulbs, LED Tunnel Light, LED Flood Light and more.We have got USA and European patent for our corn light with UL VDE TUV certificates.
new sunshine
Exhibition Hall,This is line are all of corn bulbs, this cron bulbs have been here about 3 years and still working well now. There are high bay light, flood light, pizza and corn bulbs.
new sunshine
Quality Control Department Quality is very important for a company, every single piece of raw material need to be tested before assemble. Once find out defective we would send whole bulk raw materials back to our supplier, not only the faliure one. We don’t want our customers received failure lamps ruin our reputation and lose cooperation with our clients.
IES testing dark room
To provide space for measuring the performance of the equipment
new sunshine
Auto Aging Line There are 7 different aging process for 12 hours continuosly aging.The device individually detection of all on-line aging lamps, including current, voltage, power and power factor (PF), etc.
SMT Machine Before take PCB soldering with chops, we need to brush the soldering paste in PCB, then we put to soldering machine to make PCB connect chips well and strong.

ProductNew Products
  • LED corn bulb
  • LED warehouse light
  • LED highbay light
  • LED garden light
  • LED warehouse light
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