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LED Outdoor Area Flood Light, Wall Pack Fixtures.

LED Flood lights operate efficiently, power-saving, and reduce maintenance costs. LED flood lights are good choice if you're looking for replacements of HPS, metal halide and halogen floodlight.Our Floodlights are manufactured using the newest chip technology. Floodlights are available in color temperatures of warm white, natural white and cool white.
LED floodlights are a great way to improve security and safety at home or work. Whatever the area you need to light, you should find suitable LED flood lights in our range. The advantages over traditional floodlights include these:
1) Long life – 50,000 hours.
2) An LED floodlight gives big energy savings.
3) Payback period of less than 1 year.
4) Consistent colour and cool-white 6500 K value for better light quality.
5) High-quality aluminium housings for durability and style.
6) Globe, flood and wall washers have weatherproof IP65 enclosures.
7) All LED floodlights deliver peace of mind with 3-5-year standard warranties.
8) Movement and light sensors add deterrent value.
9) CE,RoHS,FCC,ETL,PES,UL Certificate .
(check the size of all the flood lights)   (the illuminance meter of all the flood lights )
Whether you need one LED floodlight for home or several for work, these lights are the modern, stylish way to banish darkness. Your perfect LED flood light is just a click away.

140W LED Flood Light NSFL400-140W 80% Energy saving over HID lamp...

140W LED Flood Light NSFL400-140W1

200W LED Flood Light 200W LED Flood light Replacement HPS 600W,2 PIN Wires base.Mainly used in Landscape Accen......

200W LED Flood Light1

160W LED Flood Light 160W LED Flood light Replacement HPS 450W,2 PIN Wires base.Mainly used in Landscape Accen......

160W LED Flood Light1

100W LED Flood Light 100W LED Flood lights replacement HPS 300W,2 PIN Wires base.Mainly used in Landscape Acce......

100W LED Flood Light1

50W Led Flood Light 50W LED Flood light Replacement HPS 150W,2 PIN Wires base.Mainly used in Landscape Accent......

50W Led Flood Light1

30w Led Flood Light 30W LED Flood lights replacement HPS 90W,2 PIN Wires base.Mainly used in Landscape Accent......

30w Led Flood Light1

20w Led Flood Light 20W LED Flood lights replacement HPS 60W,2 PIN Wires base.Mainly used in Landscape Accent......

20w Led Flood Light1

10w led flood light 10W LED Flood light Replacement HPS 30W,2 PIN Wires base.Mainly used in Landscape Accent,......

10w led flood light1

160W LED Flood Light NSFL400-160W Luminous flux:16000Lm; Input Voltage: 90~305 VAC; Base: 2 PIN Wires;...

160W LED Flood Light NSFL400-160W1

LED Flood light 140W New Type 140 Watt Indoor led flood lights,Very low energy consumption, Lower thermal output....

LED Flood light 140W New Type1

80W LED Flood Light NSFL291-80W Wattage:80W; Base: 2 PIN; Luminous flux:6600Lm; Inpute Voltage:90-295VAC; Protection grad......

80W LED Flood Light NSFL291-80W1

200W LED Flood Light NSFL400-200W 200W LED Flood Light aluminium alloy diecast baking varnish heat sink, clear tempered gla......

200W LED Flood Light NSFL400-200W1

100W New Type LED Flood Light 100W LED Flood Light source of our LED floodlight has a high color rendering index of 80,......

100W New Type LED Flood Light1

50W LED Flood Light NSFL253-50W 50W LED Flood Light high power LED illuminant provides comfortable light without radiatio......

50W LED Flood Light NSFL253-50W1

30W LED Flood Light NSFL215-30W 30w led flood light die cast aluminum radiator with max interface with air ensures excell......

30W LED Flood Light NSFL215-30W1

20W LED Flood Light NSFL201-20W 20W LED Flood Light mercury-free, lead-free and energy efficiency illuminant, environment......

20W LED Flood Light NSFL201-20W1

10W LED Flood Light NSFL179-10W 100 Watt LED Flood Light, high-performance LEDs and a solid-state electronic driver provi......

10W LED Flood Light NSFL179-10W1

100W LED Flood Light NSFL309-100W This is a personal-owned 100W LED floodlight tooling and it has the most best cooling sys......

100W LED Flood Light NSFL309-100W1

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