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What is the LED lights change color?
2012-04-19 17:07:47


Do you believe it?Color is actually a living,They have the Smart, can make all kinds of space color affect our mood.However,In most people's living,Pale or warm light.We used to it generally.The new LED lights change color,That is, with dimming, color-LED lighting mechanism can produce the effect of altered space atmosphere.

LED lights change color by the capacitor buck regulator circuit can make red, green, and blue LED lights, a separate light and three color LED lit, issued in seven different colors of light.Outer bulb must be milky white.In order to better blending, non-transparent materials.

LED lights change color for the family birthday party, holiday parties, festive New Year to add a festive atmosphere to the festival: it can also be used for entertainment and advertising lamp, etc..For example, blue light halo off the 6:00 in the morning, fresh and soft, warm yellow, cute pink, light green, applied to the comfortable scene.Romantic lilac people to think of wonderful memories, home or commercial space in accordance with need to match the color of the atmosphere, you do not need to change the interior decoration or lighting.

However, these lamps have a troublesome shortcomings is to control the color change of the circuit of the cost is high, the life of the drive circuit will be a problem, the industry, there are many kinds of solutions to cope.Expected after 2009, such applications will be more and more LED mood lighting market to take off the state in 2010.

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