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Annual evening party

Date:2015-08-27 09:41:36

  Dear Friends,my brothers and sisters of New Sunshine,ladies and gentlemen,
  Good evening! 
  It is a special day today, I am happy to get together with all of you. Newsunshine Manufacturing Co., Ltd was established was founded ten years ago.  Factory of Zhaopeng came into Longhua New District five years ago.
  “Hard of pioneering work, in order to open mountain forest”. In 2001, I quited the job being a teacher, carrying my dreams and my family’s expectations, coming to city of Mirs(Shenzhen) alone. I was alomost penniless at that time, I could not imagined there would be a such a touching scene today!
  “Everything is hard at beginning”, I have a deep feeling on that, at the beginning of New Sushine’s establishment in 2014, I rented a small office in Luohu district. I was the boss, staff as well as the porter, worked from dawn to dusk every day, suffered a lot of hardness. However, the pay off must be worthy the effort, we owned more than 10 people team of foreign trade in less 3 years, with annual sales broke the $ 3 million, the company began to move toward large-scale operation. The financial crisis in 2008, we encountered some difficulties, but it did not beat us, on the contrary, after careful assessment of the market, we contrarian, decisive restructuring, to go into the field of LED.
  “ A point of harvest, a bit of hard work”. As a newer in LED field, we met a lot of difficulities, almost go back to the “penniless” time, because of our research resource is weak, the ability of developing new market is limited and so on. In the most difficult days, we did not flinch, and we survived. It lies in not only my personal dedication, but also benefited from the support of partners! In our common efforts, we finally pull through, practicing together the original”a kind of a year, there years are a big change, and five years are not the same”commitment! 
  Mayun(CEO of Alibaba) tallked about that:starting an undertaking is not have to look for a most sucessful person, but to look for the most suitable person. Here, let me thank , during the past five years, even 10 years , the people has given me the support and help, I sincerely say to you "thank you very much(bowing)."
  Thanks to the New Sunshine team and the people made contribution to the development of New Sunshine. You are my hands and arms. It is you that let the New Sun be more mature, more powerful, and have a more and more brilliant future.
  Thanks to our clients and suppliers, because of your close cooperation as a partner, and your fully support,  New Sunshine could develop better and better.
  Thanks to our competitors, it is you let us see our own shortcomings,under the pressure of existence, we continue to innovate and forge ahead, and working together contribute to China's LED business.
  At last, taking this chance, I would like to thank my families. Because of your silent support, my life become more and more exciting, make all my efforts to become more valuable, let me gain more happiness and joyment!
  “the long way of wind and rain over ten years, the heart of casting brilliance”. In 2014, our led products have sucessfully passed the Germany TUV ,VED and American certification UL,DLC ect. we also have got all patents of Mainland China, Europe and USA. At present, our company has got the most and completed intellectual property for our led products. In 2015, in order to better localize sales, we will build finished goods warehouse and after -sale service center in Germany and the United States, will focus on making brand of "New Sunshine" be famouse through out all Europe and America! Do you have confidence on that?GUYS
“The way ahead is long and has no ending, yet high and low I will search with my unbending”. Guys, ten years later, "beautiful Zhaopeng" will be more powerful than it is now, much better,each of us would fell proud being such an excellent team.
  Finally, I wish everyone” Sanyangkaitai, a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment, immensely proud be bursting with happiness” in the year of Goat.
  Come on,New Sunshine, 
  Come on New Sunshine teams---
  Thanks all of you!

Annual evening party
                                                                                                        Gather together
Annual evening party
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Annual evening party
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Annual evening party

The party started
Annual evening party
Leadership speech
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