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Close to nature, release soul and mind.

Date:2015-08-27 09:44:15

                                                                   Close to nature, release soul and mind.
                                                                                           --------- The company press about outdoor activities on 1st, August.

The same piece of iron can be melt, can also be toughened and hardened into steel. So the same team can be can be commonplace, can also achieve great accomplishments. In order to improve our team’s cooperation ability, we organize our 56 staffs go to Nanao Xichong to have outdoor activities on 1st, August,2015 . This outdoor activity is a process to shape our team’s vitality, push our team forward constantly, which get our company’s all staffs’ support and participation.

All the staffs gather together at 8:00am, and take bus to Xichong coast, which is the most charming coast in Shenzhen, pass through Yantian port, Dameisha, Xiaomeisha, OCT East, Nan'ao. We arrived the destination at 10:00am. The company arranged the ride bicycle activity for us. We ride the double bicycle to enjoy the landscape, the sea wind blowing our hair, and our skin shining under the sun. Everyone’s face is covered with sweat and happiness, and we throw off all the pressure at that moment, and realize the nature’s beauty.

From 12:00 to 13:30 is our picnic time. We divide all our staff into 6 teams, every group has 10 people.

And every team has a captain. Every captain arrange every member to do different things, such as someone cook, someone make fire etc. Every team is under well division and cooperation, after all the dishes are ready, everyone sit together to have the feast cooked by ourselves.

At 14:00pm, we arrived at the Xichong beach, which in one of China’s eight beaches as well as the most beautiful coast line in the east of Shenzhen. We enjoyed the sea wind, beach, sunshine, sea water, release ourselves under such beautiful scenery. After the rest moment, we organized the tug of war, three- legged race game. The game is competitive, and everyone try their best to join and win the game. Through the game, we pay sweat and efforts, and receive enjoyment and happiness.

After the fierce competition, we took boat to the famous Valentine island. The island is beautiful, and we take many group photos to memorize the beautiful and happy scene.

With the sea breeze and the waves, this outdoor activity comes to a happy ending. Through this activity, we learn a lot of things from it. We are a family, not only a company. Cooperation is the tie to make our company better and better. Everyone does their job well in their own position, then the whole company could work well. We all take happiness and joy back.

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